Rest in Peace Mom

On Sunday, August 19, 2018, my mother, Carmen Mahan, peacefully entered heaven to be with the Lord and my father, Gary Mahan. It’s been well over a month since the funeral and I have not been able to make this post. I was devastated. In some ways, I still am. I could go on about how great and special she was, but I’m already fighting back the tears as it is. I miss her and all I want to do is call her and tell her about my day and hear about hers. But I can’t. And I’m not sad for mom. She is in a better place. I’m just sad for the rest of us, because I know my world has a big hole in it that I don’t know how to fill. I’m trying mom. I know you don’t want me to hurt this much or for this long. I’m taking it 1 day at a time.

Anyway, somebody reminded me that I hadn’t posted the slideshow that I created for mom’s viewing and service yet. So, I’ve worked up the strength to at least do that. I had to remove the nice music that it was set to so that the slideshow doesn’t get taken down due to copyright infringement. I will also see if I can make a photo album of the pictures used to make the slideshow.

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Project Manager, IT manager and Consultant. 25+ years experience. Looking for a position in the US or UK.

My name is Scott Mahan. I am currently seeking a challenging position as a project manager in a developing organization where I can utilize my skills and expertise to successfully manage complex projects and deliver expected results.

A little bit about me:

  • Project Manager specializing in Internetworking, IT, Database Management and Telecommunications.
  • Employers include BBN Technologies, Verizon, Genuity, Cap Gemini America and IBM.
  • Fluent in Windows, Mac OS X and most major productivity/office suites.

My resume is available here.

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Just got the site back online

Wow! I came to my 2 WordPress blogs to clean them up and start updating again only to get “Internal Server 500” errors on both of them. After 3 hours of trying to troubleshoot them myself, I called my hosting provider, GoDaddy, for some help. It seems that the problems were related to GoDaddy transitioning my sites between servers and that it wasn’t my fault all along. Whew, that was a relief.

Of course, I spent the next 3 hours on the phone with GoDaddy tech support getting the links, redirects, database connections, and file/folder permissions corrected. After that, we migrated it to a new hosting offering to get off one that was being EOL’d (end of life’d).

And now I’m too exhausted to do much else. I’m hoping to start posting several times a week. If you’ve read this, say “hi” on the comments. It will make all the work I did today worth it.

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Has it really been 4 years?

Looks like I haven’t been using my domains/websites for a while. Time to fix that. More to come.

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Finally back into gaming!!!

Last year I sold my Nintendo 3DS and shortly thereafter, I regretted it. I recently pickup up a Nintendo 3DS XL and I’m so happy. Here is my Friend Code info for anybody who wants to add me:


Friend Code: 3583 – 0737 – 5990

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Christmas in Tennessee

Here are just a few of the pictures from our vacation house in Tennessee.










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Brooklynn’s Holiday Work of Art

At the last Girl Scouts meeting of the year, the troop got to paint at a local shop called Artist Uncorked. Brooklynn did a beautiful job on her penguin.








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Samson (Sammy) visits our house

Brooklynn is watching the school mascot this Thanksgiving weekend.


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Time to start posting again

Facebook has made me forget to update this blog, which is a bad thing. I have friends and relatives that don’t use Facebook and that is unfair to them. So going forward, any pictures or special events will be duplicated here for their convenience.

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Girls get High Honors at REACH Award Ceremony

Shelby & Brooklynn both received high honors at today’s REACH awards ceremony for Straight-A’s on their report cards. I’m a very proud parent.

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