Just got the site back online

Wow! I came to my 2 WordPress blogs to clean them up and start updating again only to get “Internal Server 500” errors on both of them. After 3 hours of trying to troubleshoot them myself, I called my hosting provider, GoDaddy, for some help. It seems that the problems were related to GoDaddy transitioning my sites between servers and that it wasn’t my fault all along. Whew, that was a relief.

Of course, I spent the next 3 hours on the phone with GoDaddy tech support getting the links, redirects, database connections, and file/folder permissions corrected. After that, we migrated it to a new hosting offering to get off one that was being EOL’d (end of life’d).

And now I’m too exhausted to do much else. I’m hoping to start posting several times a week. If you’ve read this, say “hi” on the comments. It will make all the work I did today worth it.

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